The Future Mundane #1

google’s presence in the future

How will Google affect our daily behaviors?

With their advancement in tech, we can only assume that we’ll begin to rely even more on tech.

What existing Google services might be interesting to explore?

  • search engine
  • translator
  • chrome
  • pixel

What kind of new services might Google provide? (this is looking at parts of Google, not how it would affect us as a large company)

  • TEL tools: vr, collaborative website spaces

Above were some things I was thinking about as I was looking for a possible future scenario that involved Google. I decided that my main focus would be a future that involves Google — what I explored was extremely broad, thinking about how Google as a whole/large company might change the future, but that was in a macro sense. I needed to scale back and think about the way we’d use Google products daily — a more tangible future. And so, I think it’d be interesting to look at how Google’s new phone, Pixel, might change our daily routines because all of Pixel runs on Google products.

There’s no doubt that Google has already thought of user scenarios of their phone, but I think it’d still be a great learning experience for me to think about how a company that’s adding even more value to their products might alter our ordinary behaviors.