The Future Mundane #3

google’s presence in the future

I still needed to narrow down what part of Google I wanted to explore so with the research, I created some maps of the current state of Google (in general), Google’s new Pixel phone (thought it might be interesting to incorporate it in my future since it’s recently been released), and Google’s search engine (how it has changed our behavior, the way we think).

After mapping out some potential directions, I decided to think more about the search engine’s side effects and side shows as well as potential use scenarios.

So in conclusion, I decided to explore what Google’s search engine might have to offer in the future. It was a bit difficult to think about how the search engine might change, but I thought it’d be fun to think about a more involved and social Google. It’d be kind of like Instagram where you can follow people and you’ll be able to see what they post, but in this case it would be what they search. In addition to that, there were quite a number of articles that showed concern about not actually containing the information we search so I thought about having a feature that would allow repetition for learning (learning the info you’ve searched and want to remember).

To show this micro-future, I’ll probably make a day in a life video (scenes showing that the new search engine is like when it’s normal) that also has screens of the new service.