A User Case Study for MeUndies.com

By: Jackie Tanner and Robby Choate

Jacqueline Tanner
Jan 17, 2016 · 4 min read

The Challenge

We were tasked with an opportunity from MeUndies.com to assess their current Product Listing Page (PLP) and Product Details Page (PDP) layouts. This task was given to determine whether improvements could be made in order to increase sales of their underwear assortment pack sales (in any capacity) as well as underwear sales overall.

What We Learned

We had a little fun with the user persona ^_^

Over the course of 3 weeks from Jan 19, 2015 to Feb 6, 2015, we applied the full UX process including: analysis of user demographics (user persona based on marketing demographic research), survey conduction of male & female users (100+ respondents total) within demographic, heuristic evaluation and user study (control group) of current website, rapid iterative prototyping (7 versions) and frequent user testing (5 users per cycle, 30 users total). Our focus was primarily on landing page layout, navigation, PLP layout and PDP layout.

  • ~25% of users begin product navigation directly from the landing page (rather than the global top navigation)
  • 10% of users described the imagery as being “too risque”
  • Several users were confused by the design of the month logo (“Love Struck”), mistaking it for the brand name in addition to the inability to read and understand it
  • The majority of users really enjoyed the simplicity and cleanliness of the PLP design, though the underwear packs were nearly invisible (well below the fold at the bottom of the PLP)
  • Most users were not reading the product descriptions, despite it being the only on-page marketing copy. (We found an increase in user interaction with bulleted and condensed copy with design changes to increase visibility.)
  • Users described enjoying the ability we designed to toggle between single pair to 5 packs to 10 packs within the PDP. (Through iterative testing of toggle designs, we increased button size and color created a more fluid navigation to achieve business goals.)
  • The addition of customer service (“Satisfaction Guaranteed”) copy below the Add to Cart button resulted show ~.25% per day conversion increase through A/B testing
  • Preliminary tests of the ability to add a matching pair of underwear for significant others within the checkout flow yielded high praise from most users, however runs the risk of ad-blindness and will require further iterative design and testing


Through this series of user tests, there were abundant MVP opportunities that became clear, my suggestion is to first focus on the following:


  • Include additional navigation on the landing page to PLP & PDPs
  • Reduce the height of global header to allow more usable space on page
  • Remove “Featured Products”

Product Listing Page

  • Change pack product photos to showcase style of underwear contained within each pack
  • Remove “All Products” page
  • Remove Packs and simplify UI/IA structure

Product Details Page

  • Minimize and bullet product description copy
  • Include “Satisfaction Guarantee” copy beneath Add to Cart button
  • Include navigation toggle between products, without having to go back to PLP
  • Add security/trust indicators near checkout button & cart
  • Include links in marketing collateral to subsequent PDPs
  • Change visual design of subscription CTAs to be more clearly stated
  • Include visual cues on shopping cart icon
  • Include backend rules to ensure the suggested products are similar to current PDP (men’s vs. women’s, etc.)
  • Market packs within PDPs
  • Change color selector indicator for Variety Packs to display variety

Checkout Flow

  • Include breadcrumbs throughout
  • Include trust/security indicators throughout
  • Include subscription option within the checkout flow
  • Upsell matching pair of underwear for friends/significant others

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