Yes this is a fundamental difference our ideologies — I see an American life as far more important.
Brett MacDonald

Although I appreciate your need to patronize me, I am well aware of the concepts of American exceptionalism and realism as the dominant school of thought in IR, I just have my own critiques of them and don’t embrace them in the same wholehearted way you do — as you accurately pointed out before fulfilling your own need to convince yourself you’ve got this whole thing figured out on some level I can’t even comprehend.

I definitely don’t, however, think that I’m Harry Potter and can draw black and white moral lines in the sand. Besides, if you’d actually read the books you’d know that Harry’s dad turned out be a dick who bullied Snape and there was a whole damn plot line about rescuing Sirius Black because he was wrongfully imprisoned so please quit oversimplifying the moral lessons of Harry Potter to make your point lol.

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