Leaks are bad.
Sir William

Can you provide a source on Snowden being paid for his leak, and who he was paid by?

Manning had a lot of personal dynamics playing into her decision, sure, but it doesn’t change the substantial impact of the leak that I pointed out.

There’s certainly a case to be made that by leaking to the particular actor she did, instead of a reputable journalist (which may or may not have been an option depending on the circumstances), she may have made things play out worse than they could have.

Who Winner preferred in the election is hardly relevant in light of the document she leaked, which contained unprecedented evidence of Russian attempts to directly gain access to U.S. elections software and the devices of local elections officials. Regardless of who leaked it and what their intentions might have been, the fact that it happened and is now public knowledge is the most salient point.

What you refer to as “mob rage of the masses,” others might see as public opinion. After all, our government is supposed to represent the people so if the public becomes aware that they’re doing something in secret against their wishes they have every right to protest and demand change.

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