Our own government is tasked with making amoral decisions abroad … if a terror enclave resides in a…
Brett MacDonald

Let’s deconstruct that just a bit, because I think you’re still missing the larger point I’m trying to make here. What you are willing to pass off as our government being inevitably “tasked with making amoral decisions abroad”, I’m trying to question more. Why are we “tasked with making amoral decisions”? There is a long and complicated history of our involvement abroad, especially in the Middle East, where as I’ve pointed out we used to fund many of the same Jihadist elements that we now declare terrorists and engage in bombing campaigns against today.

And what is “collateral damage” to us is literally inflicting terror upon the residents who live there and who die as a consequence of keeping American citizens safe, whether you believe it’s justifiable or not. If a foreign government killed your son in a bombing attack because it was for the greater good and they were protecting their own interests, would that be a sufficient explanation for you?

I’m trying to break these terms down to the human elements of which they are composed, to point out that as much as our government makes terrorists out to be these Muslim boogeymen today we have a long history of propagating terror ourselves, and our tunnel vision has caused us to ignore modern day terrorism perpetrated by white nationalists and other hateful groups/individuals. Who we convict of “terrorism” today is based on how we’ve defined it and is not reflective of which actors are actually inflicting the most terror on the most human beings, that’s the point I’m trying to make.

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