Revoke my Nerd card please!

I love the Big Bang Theory and when it first came out I was like meh, whatever. Well one day when I pretty much had nothing else to watch because I had limited cable I watched and episode and fell in love. Yes, I am a fan now and haven’t missed too many episodes if I can help it. Same thing happened to me with Supernatural and I have been hooked.

Fast forward to about three years ago, my niece wanted to see Guardians of the Galaxy and I agreed to go. I loved the darn thing and went today to see Vol. 2. I love, love Baby Groot. I want a dancing baby Groot, but I digress here. Okay fast forward to 2016. I blame this one on my niece again, sorry Belle. She wanted to see Deadpool and had no one to really take her. At this time she was sixteen, and I was like okay but ask your mom first since this is rated R and I don’t want to get into any trouble. I went and oh my God. I was fricking hooked. I have never laughed so hard in my life. So I ended up buying the darn thing when it went to DVD and watched it a million times.

So after watching Deadpool, I asked a friend about the whole Marvel Universe, no I am still learning the different worlds of Marvel and D.C. so I get confused so fans please forgive me.

When Hastings was closing it’s doors I found the first few X-men for sale like really cheap so I was like okay buy then and if I hate them then no big deal. I fell in love with the series and can’t wait for the new one to come out next year. So far my all time favorite character there has been Quicksilver.

Now I am on the road to becoming an official geek. LOL. Well I was kind of a nerd in high school but that’s neither here nor there. I loved the Deadpool movie and now I have a steering wheel cover, glass, shirt and doll. I have also collected more of the Funko collection from my Supernatural series, Captain Jack and the cast of Rocky Horror. I am almost 48 and collecting toys now. LOL. Yes I am reverting back into my child hood.

Yes, I read some comics as a child like Archie while my brother read Batman and Superman (Yes I know DC world) and I was like okay they’re cool but I wasn’t fascinated with them. I have seen Suicide squad and it was awesome and finally watched Batman vs. Superman and yes I rooted for Superman. Now can’t wait for Wonder Woman to come out, now her I cheered for as a kid. Heck I was her for Halloween one year as a kid.

So now I am on the road to watching all the Thor movies, I know some of you are shaking your heads at my ignorance here, and the Iron Man movies and even Captain America. Yes world I saw Dr. Strange and it was good. So bring on more movies, Stan Lee and keep those cameos up.