White Guilt is actually White Narcissism
Emma Lindsay

It seems that this article has more to do with your own personal experiences that have shaped a narrative reflective of social media’s conversation surrounding white guilt. Recently I’ve seen that term used towards a white mother who was concerned for the safety of her black son. White guilt is certainly a thing, but this is not an academic article and I don’t think you should be making such universal claims supported mainly by your own experiences and observations. Using the term narcissism is very irresponsible and “click baiting.” I’m also confused as to why you are comparing your own experience to that of a man trained to beat slaves without the emotional response that he had as a child. I spent my childhood down south and instead of being passively indoctrinated, I called my father out on his racism when I was in the first grade by way of a father’s day card. And this was the 80’s. I continued to do this growing up, which eventually led to discipline. I just don’t think that everyone can or should relate to your experience. This negative critque could be fueled by the fact that I was raised by an actual narcissist and while I think your theories holds merit to a certain degree, you should avoid making universal claims about large swathes of society in the future.

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