Prompt #1
Janice Pang


A powermat created by Duracell


The powermat is a flat service design that is rectangular. It has a rubber frame around it and has a flat surface. It is very light to carry around with you and typically comes in the color of black.


Because the powermat is so light, it is extremely easy to bring around and use. It is wireless so it makes it easy for consumers to use it. People can but any handheld device on top of it and it will charge the device rapidly.


The powermat is needed by anyone who constantly uses multiple electronic devices and needs to charge their device. People are constantly on the travels and there isn’t always a charging port. This being said, they would need a powermat so make sure their devices are on and working.


Having a powermat at this time is extremely useful and provident for our society today. Everyone owns some kind of electical equipment and will need to charge it as efficiently as possible. However, the only flaw of this is that it only can charge small handheld devices and limited in space for the options. Materials like computers will not be able to charge using this tool.


It is thin and looks like a paper, it lets consumers associate it with lightless and easy to use and carry. Also because people are associating it with small charged objects, it is something they can see as something they often carry around with.


It is curved in the sides and is thin. It has a slick look to it due to the choice of material and the color which was chosen: black.


My partner likes backpacks that are simple yet useable. This shows that she likes simple clean design and that she cares a lot about making sure things work. Also I learn that she is responsible and get things done in a organized matter.