All is Gift

All the Earth and everything in it is a gift God has given to us. And we are to live our life as a gift to be given back to God and given to others. Livng, I mean giving, this way can be painful at times.

Like pieces of yourself are being ripped off. Pieces that felt comfortable and that you thought you needed.

But for the most part it brings a beautiful joy. Like seeing someone’s face light up when they unwrap the perfect Christmas gift from you.

Lately, for me, it’s been seeing those who belong nowhere find a place to belong. In wonderment I watch it happen around me and participate in it without knowing why God would see fit to trust me with it.

It fills my heart.

And I realize that every time I empty my heart of more of me, it’s filled to overflowing.

I love having people to love. People who need to be loved. Poeple who need a place. A place to belong, a place to be loved, a place to be known.



But what happens if we live like a gift that is never opened? Stuck inside a box, all wrapped up in ourselves and serving no purpose. When we live for ourselves that’s what happens.

It’s dark in there and everything seems so overwhelming when the focus is on self. Stuff gets trapped in there. Things can look amazing from the outside, but all is not right.

Unwrapping gifts requires some ripping and tearing. Selfish wants and desires have to be ripped away, and way too often, comfort.

But living life without these things is so freeing.

All is gift.

Give it.