Your Thoughts are Wilder

I’m obsessively listening to this song today. “You’re Here (Madness)” by Hillsong United. Something in it struck a chord with me today. The same way this quote from the book I am reading “Love Does” by Bob Goff struck a chord with me yesterday.

“I used to think I had to act a certain way to follow God. But now I know that God doesn’t want us to be typical.” — Bob Goff

Typical. Something that I think of myself as being anything but. I sew bowties for a living. I am the matriarch of a house that is filled with teenage girls, and young 20- somethings most of the time, and I’m only 30. I’m always laughing and often crying. I see beauty in EVERYTHING. I trip a lot, not the most graceful person. And I can laugh at myself with the best of them (you have to if you live in our house).

I’m the type of person who finds pure joy in both giving the perfect gift and playing the perfect practical joke. Anything for a laugh. I want those around me to feel loved, cared about, happy. If you’re having a bad day, it’s unacceptable for me for you to stay unhappy!

I don’t know if this is the right attitude to have about things, but I do know that God made me this way. And in Bob Goff I think I found someone with the same heart. I love reading his stories in “Love Does.” This man will go out of his way just to love on people. Just because he loves to love people. Just because God tells us to love people and he loves God.

I’m of the same mindset that love, as an emotion is somewhat powerful, but only for the person that feels the emotion. Love, real love, is a choice, and action. Love acted out is the MOST powerful thing…. for those on the recieving end and those on the giving.

We aren’t called as Christians to just sit around feeling sappy about each other. We’re called to help, feed, clothe, visit. We’re called to cheer up, encourage, build up. Even to relieve, sacrifice, house, adopt.

NOT typical. God’s thoughts are even wilder than ours. I want those wild thoughts interupting my thoughts, shaping my mind, opening my eyes. I want to see needs where God knows needs. I want to act, atypically, when he calls me to.

I’ve done some strange things like have a birthday type cake ready for someone on the day they lost their job, bought a sun-dress/ wedding dress for a perfect stranger getting her life back together, and helped an old woman flush her toilet and get her jacket on at a rest area bathroom. Little places the meant something to me because I desire to love on others.

God has also asked some big things from us. Our house has become not just a space for the two of us. Our bank account has become not just a support for us but many other people as well.

But big or little, crazy or hum-drum, I don’t want to be typical. I don’t want to sit back and let someone else get to be the one to love on others and recieve that joy that comes with it. I want to know what it’s like to be used by God in crazy ways. That thought scares me a little. Ok, a lot. God uses the willing and that’s stretching. There may be times when I will regret these words and won’t want to be used. But I hope I will remember the times that I have been and what that pure joy felt like.

As the song says “it makes not sense, but this is grace.” Nothing about the love God has for us makes sense. I want to love people like that too. Because he first loved me when I was far from him.