Success or Failure — We’re all fucked!

Our trojan horses (Society) have left us bewildered in the world of fucks where our definitions of success or failure seems to get muddled with money and lifeless materialism. Emancipation is on the card only if we could unlearn and start again. Self-validation is a stigma that we fight internally to justify our means to any end. But what is the end? We strive for happiness and money that is so superficial and momentary that we would go any lengths to squash every feeling or even an elucidation or thought of breaking free out of this dark, dreary, and grotesque journey. I have no answers but I am the fucking oracle who goes through the maze of life, hoping for a life less ordinary.

This is true!

What do we do now?

Relax, take it easy. Breath in and breath out. Smile a little or even cry a little. Go slow and try to feel everything. I am sure you’ll be fine. Success or failure, happiness or sadness, everything is inside you. In the end I know I am my fucking life or we could just say — Fuck’em.

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