JAK in Fargo/by Gigi Blum Peterkin

A #Misfitforlife is Born

In which @jackinessity gives birth to herself in Fargo, ND

I was born in an art gallery yesterday morning.

It was about four AM. I was drunk. I was high. I was in love. I was utterly heartbroken.

I was a gorgeous, brilliant, beautiful mess.

Then, something entirely unexpected happened. I was sitting looking at the exposed brick of the wall, at the amazing paintings, at the night.

I was still.

Jay Pfeifer, Luna II, 2013 (Ecce Art Gallery, Fargo, ND)

I got down off the bench, and I got down on my knees, and I said a big giant fucking “THANK YOU” to the Universe.

Then I collapsed to the floor utterly helpless and melted into it. And while I lay there unable to move, I had an epiphany.

I knew that I was the most incredible piece of artwork in that room. I knew that I was art, and that art is inside of me.

I rose from that spot an artist. I gave birth to myself yesterday, and now everything in my life makes a bizarre kind of light-of-true-genius-madness-in-my-eyes kind of sense.

My name is Jackie Lea Shelley, and I am a Misfit.

@jackinessity in Ecce Art Gallery, Fargo ND/Photo by Israel Smith

I am an Idealist.

I am a Mama.

I am a fucking Warrior Princess.

I am an Artist.

And I am so damn grateful to be alive.