Question: I think I might be trans, but does gender even exist? Like, if gender is a social construct, is being trans even real? I think I might be trans, but how does that fit into society?

That’s a big question with a big answer. Lots of different answers, in fact, but here’s mine.

Saying that “gender is a social construct” has somehow become a thing that sometimes people say to imply that gender doesn’t exist, that gender isn’t real. But as many of us trans folks can tell you, gender impacts our lives in very real ways.


I’ve had my share of miserable Thanksgivings. I think it’s basically a rite of passage as a queer trans person. Like most of those rites of passage, it totally sucks.

In honor of my family life having plateaued into mostly-bearable-though-still-uncomfortable as well as 2016 being a time of heightened tension for many families, I offer you some practical tips I’ve picked up on over the years. May these suggestions make your holidays, well, if not merry and bright, at least a smidge above horrific.

For the full list, watch the video above. Here’s a taste:

✅ Have an escape…

Trick or Transphobia! Get ready for spooky slurs at your neighborhood megastore.

Trigger Warning: This article contains transphobia, the offending image, and the use of slurs.

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’Tis the season for culturally appropriative, body-shaming, and misogynistic costumes galore. It’s one thing when photos surface of people’s woefully ignorant DIY Halloween costumes. It’s another when online retailers like Spirit Halloween, Costumes4Less, and Wholesale Halloween Costumes sanction discrimination with costumes like Gorgeous Geisha, Pochahottie, and Hey Amigo, (actual costumes that are actually sold on their actual websites in actual 2016).

Walmart, however, decided this year that they would not just go the ubiquitous-though-entirely-inappropriate route of offering a transphobic man-in-a-dress costume. …

Looking forward at the end of our first trans rights campaign

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When I began my gender transition, I had absolutely no fears about coming out as transgender to the Harry Potter Alliance community. But I did have fears, massive fears, about coming out to the rest of the world.

While the fan community I’ve called home for the past several years is filled with loving, informed, and inclusive people, the outside world remains a place where dangerous bigotry lurks around every corner.

Every other week I go to a local trans support group and listen to the others talk about being yelled at, spit on, and punched in the face by…

On April 14th, 2015, I received my first injection of testosterone cypionate as part of my hormonal transition as a transgender man. On that same day I started recording a poem that would take me a year to recite.

Inspired by Ben Schmidt, I wrote a 365 word poem that I would film myself reciting, one word each day for an entire year. …

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Most days this is an invisibility cloak, but on Trans Day of Visibility, it’s a superhero’s cape.

Today is the Transgender Day of Visibility, a day to celebrate transgender people and their accomplishments, but it’s also a day to recognize the need to take action towards a safer future for all.

Recent bills restricting our right to use the restroom, like HB2 in North Carolina, are not just dehumanizing acts of fear, but acts of ignorance. From where Gov. Pat McCrory is sitting, he truly believes he is protecting women and girls from male predators in women’s restrooms. I am certain that he is unaware of the reality of trans people - what we look like, what…

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