Things like space elevators (Larry Page even sat in on that talk) and self driving cars (I went into that one thinking this guy had watched the Jetsons too many times and by 20 minutes in was not only completely convinced it was possible, but that it would happen very, very soon… and of course it is happening now).
Things I took from Google…
Brett Crosby

The best part of these tech talks was that they subtly (and at times, overtly) encouraged Googlers to have a healthy disregard for the status quo and think far outside of the box. Even though we were always busy, having managers like you who were supportive to knock out an hour to learn about something unrelated to the job set the tone for the company’s culture. I always appreciated your support to go to those things and even going to them with me; it was a great case study in how leadership by example goes a long way. The meta-lessons from those tech talks stay with me to this day, and continue to encourage pushing the boundaries!

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