What Is The True Worth Of A Music Blog Feature?
IML Staff

Also I understand that I have pretty much missed the point. To me, those blogs hold little weight, they mean next to nothing. They cover artists that don’t need coverage. They cover artists that everyone knows. The reason you go to these blogs is because you see an artist like Jeezy or Freddie Gibbs, and you are already interested in them, so you go to get the new stuff.

What I’m talking about is different, it is for discovering new artists. For artists with less publicity, blogs are still important. At a lower level it is vital to have your music written about. At a lower level, coverage is what sets you apart.

Given that this article was brought to me by way of Facebook, I assumed that none of my Facebook friends are really major label artists. There are few underground stars among my friends but they do not appeal to these blogs or the people that read these blogs. So I was confused. I have not written for a blog at this level, but I have run my own small-time blog. I have been apart of many other, bigger blogs, but still not major-level blogs.

So it seems I have business making this argument on this post. What I will say is that the integrity-be-damned style of the elite corporations shelling out cake to get their already big-time artist featured to hell & back, is completely whack. It clogs the pipes. It is a waste of money on their end. Those are the e-mails no one wants to open. I can’t imagine being forced to write a blog for someone I don’t care for. That is when blogs die. When the people behind them become drones working for the man. This is just not my style.