What Is The True Worth Of A Music Blog Feature?
IML Staff

This really isn’t going to make much sense without the rest of the facebook thread that it came from, but the post is private and I’m not about to ask for permission to share it, because I definitely pissed some people off. I was told to post this here so that’s what I’m doing.

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Record stores are different than record labels. Record labels release and album, people fuck w that label bc they are releasing that album specifically. They have to; there is no choice, bc there is no other place to buy it. Sometimes they don’t even realize they are doing it, they are just buying the record that they want. These records are rare too; they are often limited release. They are often more valuable than the shit pressed by major labels, why? because people care. I feel like not only are you denying these artists their importance but also their talent. The 10 people walking into the mom&pop record store are probably not going to see any of the records I’m talking about. Even the best mom & pop stores couldn’t hold half the niche shit that’s out there. Why would they? It is not for them to hold. It would end up in the wrong hands. (Reseller’s trying to flip something on discogs or some shit). It is to be sold from (usually) one or two or three particular labels or distros to a specific consumer. The point is that people care, and people listen. I don’t know why you would try and take that away from the artists, or the labels that put the money into making the release.

Who is the voice for these artists? It is certainly not Complex unless it’s something like a fuckload of clicks that they’re going to get for it. And at that point is probably just them thinking they’re ‘taking a chance’ when they really mean to exploit to an extent that was not originally intended. This is all just really stupid to me because it is all about major labels and major artists. THEY DON’T NEED BLOGS. Rocky releases an album at midnight and 12++ hours before twitter is already talking about every track on it. Major artists don’t need the press like that because it is inevitably going to be passed around so many times before the press even shows up to the party.

To me, the power of the blog is still there. but who really gives a fuck about what you have to say about ALLA. The power is taken away when it is abused. And that is what all of the MAJOR blogs do, abuse it.

It’s not about a link getting buried or it being consumed and forgotten. It is about the link existing in the first place and it being there every time it is clicked and posted again. There are these things called ping backs; they used to be important. There are these things called archives. There are even, get this — these things called search engines, where if you type in the name of the album it will show you all the sites that posted on the album, in order of importance. Like I said originally, it is better to have your work written about than to not. Pitchfork and whoever-the-fuck, a million other fuckboy blogs are going to write about ALLA. Probably the only one (unfortunately) that really matters is going to be p4k, until the right person shares the one review that is halfway decent. There is this thing called authenticity, you know, integrity n shit. None of it matters when the content is horse shit.

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