Tips about getting a friend to score during an interview.

Kenobi have this problem. He have to go for interview. And he dread going to all these mundane social engagement where the questions are pretty much the standard ones. He will usually whatsapp us in our group chat and update us about his status of the interview. Luckily Boba is chatty and witty to give him precious advise that he can score better next time if not the next next time. On a side note, Boba did not went for any interview for the past two years.

So right after Kenobi’s 9,127 attempts of interview, he is quite stoked with this interview. The interviewer is friendly, the pay can meet his means. He have 2 dog at home always wanting his attention, love and good meals. He need a job. With all the good vibe he have gotten, he is very much thrilled.He also face some rejection along the way. In Boba’s art of war, these are no feat. But Kenobi is weak. He just learn the force and he have yet own his own lightsaber. Well, he is too poor to own one anyway.

So the interviewer told Kenobi that he have a very worried looks on his face which make them pondering. Is kenobi is up for the job? Because the young kenobi cannot “force” and use the force. His replies was, that’s was my serious look.

Serious Look? BTW, this is not Kenobi.

Given my tons of bullshitting and crap layering experiences, I told Kenobi to reply back in a causal way where even though you know you lost a battle, you must still do the war cry to make a dent to your enemy. If I were sitting inside the room, I will just crack a joke to them that my face is not a concern. My calibre must not be judge with my facial expression. That could be alot of marco factor that have brought that face to the meeting room. I will probably just answered them back saying, Well thank god that I wasn’t applying for the front desk. At least my client won’t get worried after seeing my face.

Kenobi then soon end the session. The interviewer then told him that there is a few more candidate(troopers) will be joining the interview. He will come back to him after they have finish all the interview. And Kenobi’s face turned. From worried to heartbroken. Sometimes, interview is like the first date. You need to dress to kill, going is always full of anticipation. But not all first date will end up with a happy ending. Well, Kenobi just not one.

So Boba told Kenobi that your last impression counts. When is the last time that guy have shaken a firm handshake? Who is the last interviewee have ask more question about the firm or himself more than the interviewer have ask the interviewee. Kenobi, you should end the interview asking them question like what did he did good and my bad. Thanks them and do the firm hand shake to leave a deeper impression.

This is a good training tools for firm handshake. Just make sure you don’t break any bones.

Dear Kenobi, you need to use the “force” and force your way through this. My name is Boba Fett, and here the Boba’s art of war that I have written for you.

Till the next story mate.


Boba Out.

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