How this Accra Restaurant Uses WhatsApp Marketing to Keep 6,000 Customers Coming Back
Emmanuel Quartey

mr.Emmanuel Quartey

i just finish of reading your story and i really like it , your ideas is close of mine , your work is perfect .

but yo did not talk about results , before using whatsapp and after , i don’t want how much of money you get , i need to know how that make different in your restaurant like :

do people really accepts the invitation and come to your restaurant?

what is the most segment that responding the invitation?

do you get more employees to respond the orders?

did you try to analyze how many people open your messages ? that would help to know there locations + the time they spend of watching your ads + the genders and the age , you will know the network they use , that work if you made your offers in pages of website + add Google Analytics script

i hope you get the whole idea of this , i will follow you see watch results to

thanks again