Inside Look at Jack Landsmanas Stern’s Corporativo Kosmos

Jack Landsmanas Stern
Jan 23 · 6 min read
Jack Landsmanas Stern
Jack Landsmanas Stern

Any resident of Mexico probably knows the name Jack Landsmanas Stern (or Jack Landsmanas) and, at the very least, the paragon of food service — Corporativo Kosmos.

However, Corporativo Kosmos — under the prized leadership of said Jack Landsmanas — is so much more than a name. In fact, it’s an umbrella for three equally impressive companies — The Cosmopolitan, Serel, and Kol Tov.

Each of these entities has its own individual mission, while ultimately contributing to the grand, altruistic scheme of Jack Landsmanas: Build a better Mexico.

Here’s a brief introduction to all parties involved.

The Landsmanas Family Legacy

Legacy is the foundation of Corporativo Kosmos and not in some entitled, misdirected way that is often explored in film in television. Rather, it’s the legacy of an immeasurably good person, passed on to another wholehearted individual eager to maintain excellence.

These two people? Don Pablo Landsmanas and his aforementioned grandson, Jack Landsmanas Stern.

Pablo Landsmanas arrived in Mexico circa 1959 from his homeland of Lithuania. Eager to make a name for himself, he quickly learned the ins-and-outs of the food service industry. He started a small butcher shop in Mexico City called “La Modelo.” He actively looked for ways to better the lives of those around him and, through passion, commitment, and care, grew La Modelo into Corporativo Kosmos.

Jack Landsmanas Stern, now acting CEO of the company, remembers his grandfather as a man of great altruism, and works every day to embody the same principles of service and philanthropy. The Don Pablo Foundation, formed by Jack Landsmanas in 2016, works tirelessly with Corporativo Kosmos to better the economic and social climates of Mexico, all while maintaining an unbending commitment to environmentally friendly practices.

Corporativo Kosmos

Corporativo Kosmos is the leading food service provider in Mexico. Under its tutelage are three different companies — The Cosmopolitan, Serel, and Kol Tov — each with their own specialties. What was once a small butcher shop created by a man with relentless drive and passion has, over the decades, blossomed into a transformational company that, every day, is striving to make Mexico a better place.

Currently, Corporativo Kosmos delivers 800 tons of food to over 3 million Mexican residents each day! Its central headquarters in Mexico City is the largest in the world, and its 27 distribution centers around the country allow it to succeed in its hefty daily deliveries.

And in a time when environmental consciousness is more important than ever, Corporativo Kosmos is raising the bar for what it means to be a responsible, sustainability-focused company. Its efforts paid off this year, with the Mexican Center for Philanthropy recognizing it as a 2019 Socially Responsible Company, one of the highest sustainability honors that exists.

What’s more, Jack Landsmanas’s focus on sustainable practices has led to the company contributing towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Particularly, the Zero Hunger initiative. With a title devoid of ambiguity, the initiative is clear — eliminate world hunger, provide safe food to all, enhance nutrition, and facilitate sustainable agriculture.

As a whole, Jack Landsmanas and Corporativo Kosmos are knocking their goals out of the park. And the reasons for this, much like rain, trickle down the umbrella. Corporativo Kosmos has comprised itself of spectacular companies with like-minded individuals. Mix in an engaged leader born from a legacy of healthy, people-first leadership, bake for years of conception, implementation, and success, and you have something impactful.

So, who are these companies?

The Cosmopolitan

First up is The Cosmopolitan, a Mexican company with over 50 years’ experience providing holistic food services. One of its most important services is raw material supply. The Cosmopolitan makes itself available 24/7, 365 days a year to deliver raw materials for food processing across the Mexican Republic. These foods range from high-quality meats to fruits and vegetables.

However, the company doesn’t just limit itself to food. In fact, it also offers an array of generalized services including maintenance, cleaning, laundry, pest control, and gardening. As of now, most of these services (along with their food offerings) are directed towards high-security dining facilities within Mexico’s prison system. Among a thick portfolio of change-based initiatives, Jack Landsmanas has struck partnerships with federal prisons in the hopes of helping rehabilitate inmates and prepare them for release. The Cosmopolitan, in conjunction with the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, helps to fulfill this initiative.

What separates The Cosmopolitan from its competitors is its experience, infrastructure, and leadership. Built off its decades of experience and operating in 16 different states across the Mexican Republic, the company prides itself on abundant knowledge and incomparable service. The Cosmopolitan’s infrastructure is top notch. Given the company’s high workload, this is a necessity. Its delivery fleet is comprised of high-tech trucks fitted to keep food safe during transport. What’s more, the company holds a long list of certifications that help reaffirm its credibility as one of Mexico’s finest service industry establishments.

And then, of course, there’s the backing of Corporativo Kosmos and the tireless leadership of Jack Landsmanas. It’s no wonder the company enjoys daily success.


Who is Serel? Keywords — Feeding solutions. Serel’s focus is hunger, and its practices revolve around solving just that. Serel serves a diverse group of clients because it, in itself, is a company with diverse services. Amongst these services are the set up of institutional dining rooms and production/dispersal of boxed lunches.

Serel establishes large-scale dining rooms on a client-by-client basis. Currently, the company serves over 50,000 meals per day in these dining facilities. Boxed lunches also prove to be something in high demand. Serel has the ability to produce up to 24,000 each day, greatly benefiting those in need. An area where these lunches thrive is aboard flotels with hundreds of workers (typically there for oil drilling) in need of sustenance.

Just like The Cosmopolitan, being backed by Corporativo Kosmos proves beneficial. However, Serel also has qualities of its own that make it stand out. It prides itself in its fast turnaround process (while still producing a high-quality product), adaptability to clients’ ever-changing desires, upholding strict industry standards and, above all else, commitment to people’s well-being.

People first. The Jack Landsmanas way. The Corporativo Kosmos mentality.

Kol Tov

Last but not least of the “Big Three” is Kol Tov. The food service company markets itself as the most reliable in food, transportation, catering, and hotel services. Also worth noting — this includes services both inland and offshore.

The company’s philosophy stays true to its name: “We offer only the best products and services to our customers, with full confidence.” Such products and services appear in ground facilities and corporate/industrial dining rooms, as well as on boats and other flotation devices (flotels).

Kol Tov is split into two divisions: Kol Tov SHAT in Mexico City and Kol Tov in Carmen City. Kol Tov SHAT offers land-based transportation, food, and hotel services while Kol Tov in Carmen City provides provisions to boats and flotels.

This is indubitably important. Because much of Mexico’s national product comes from its rich supply of oil (about 80%!), there is a need for thousands of workers each year to get their sea legs and venture out into the waters in order to mine oil. As such, flotels — housing situated atop rafts or semi-submersible platforms — are used as accommodations during oil operations. Kol Tov handles this, servicing the needs of more than 700 workers aboard the flotel.

In partnership with the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation, Kol Tov also remains committed to promoting the well-being of communities and safeguarding natural resources. It does this by:

— Providing kitchen equipment and technical advice for feeding indigenous children of a hostel located in the Pablo Torres Burgos community.

— Rehabilitating the AMA youth hostel in Carmen City.

— Supporting efforts to feed animals of Campeche Zoo and Ecological Center.

— Operating a wastewater treatment plant in an effort to promote environmentally friendly practices and keep its commitment to social responsibility.

A Quartet of Change

Corporativo Kosmos has aligned with The Cosmopolitan, Serel, and Kol Tov not because it has to, but because it wants to. All three companies have proven track records of providing services and products that benefit their communities and the communities’ citizens.

Why not partner with great companies and, in the process, create greater change? Because that’s what Coporativo Kosmos and its array of high-performing, philanthropy-minded companies are — a quartet of change. And with the conducting hands of Jack Landsmanas Stern, transparent direction, and the fundamental belief that progress is possible, these companies are altering what it means to provide service in 2019.

They continue to challenge preconceived notions of “big business,” and situate themselves as national and global leaders for both service and product quality. As these companies continue to grow, so does their impact on the well-being of Mexico’s citizens and the prolonged vitality of its environment.

It’s a balanced, melodious stream of change.

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