Jack Landsmanas Talks About The Benefits Of Running A Sustainable Company

Jack Landsmanas
Jack Landsmanas

As the chief executive officer of Corporativo Kosmos, Jack Landsmanas is committed to sustainable practices. He’s a business leader who has made the case for sustainability for the past several years. His company consists of three brands, which are La Cosmopolitana, Kol Tov and Serel.

La Cosmopolitana provides food to Mexican prisons. It also provides other services in prisons such as cleaning, pest control, maintenance, laundry and gardening. Serel produces thousands of boxed lunches each day and distributes them at customer locations. Many of the lunches are served on flotels where oil workers live. Kol Tov provides food to ocean-based locations and hotels.

Jack Landsmanas has made zero hunger one of his objectives. He wants to eradicate hunger in Mexico by giving people access to healthy food. He only works with ethical suppliers and makes sure all food meets quality and safety standards. He has implemented technology that reduces waste in his company’s food production facilities. Corporativo Kosmos uses recycled materials where possible.

He’s also committed to clean water and sanitation at Corporativo Kosmos. Water is used throughout the food industry. Raw food is rinsed in water and it’s used to keep equipment clean. Jack Landsmanas says conserving water is a big priority of his. His company’s facilities use close-circuit water systems. This limits how much air water is exposed to. His company uses vacuum evaporation to increase how long food can be safely stored.

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Jack Landsmanas says Corporativo Kosmos is much more than just a food service firm. It is Mexico’s leading food provider and as such is committed to making a positive impact every day. Jack Landsmanas says there are several good reasons to practice sustainability. One of these is the brand’s reputation. A sustainable company with a good reputation separates itself from competitors.

Another benefit of sustainability is compliance. Food companies need to stay current with rules and regulations. Jack Landsmanas says doing so prevents future complications. His company was named as a Socially Responsible Company in 2019. This recognition was designated by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy.

A sustainable company is better able to retain employees and recruit talented people. Jack Landsmanas says job applicants are drawn to Corporativo Kosmos’ environmental consciousness. Employees are well-taken care of, which attracts the best and brightest to his company.

Jack Landsmanas created the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation in 2016. This organization has four pillars. These are feeding people, education, health and sustainable development. Jack Landsmanas named this organization after his grandfather. It delivers over 450,000 meals a month to people in need and to other charitable organizations. The foundation also helps inmates reintegrate back into society after completing their sentences.

Jack Landsmanas says Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation or Mexico. He is working hard to improve Mexico and the lives of its citizens. The types of people this organization provides assistance to are teenage moms, recovering addicts, victims of sexual violence, orphans and HIV patients.

He created the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation Academic Excellence Award. Jack Landsmanas provides scholarships to high-achieving K-8 students through this program. The goal is to encourage the students to continue their studies and eventually graduate from college. He is also committed to helping children attain good educational outcomes by supporting multiple educational institutions.

The foundation is based on his grandfather’s core principles. These are to be honest, emphatic, tenacious, precise and formal. Jack Landsmanas says reputation is everything. He says respect can’t be demanded or acquired. Respect has to be earned based on it being deserved.

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Como líder de uno de los conglomerados más grandes y respetables de México –Corporativo Kosmos.

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