I am an independent write-in candidate for president. The longest deepest most intrusive file ever created by fed burr of eye is the file these scum bags manage to this day.

I’m blacklisted from political speech on live television. I am, and before the election I am going to prove that, or iamb going to outsmart the fascists. Then, according to one of Hoover’s classified memos I’ll only be facing a bullet. That will be their third attempt.

I was inspired to write down a Television Scripture that is the only Vehicle you have to establish world peace and food chain harmony — words, world orders and word hors d’oeuvres — a new word order. Sorry you are prohibited.

Trump is a bigot. You won’t see people of color in his cabinet, or the White House except for show. We can live with that. Hillary is a charade — we cannot judge the contents of her character because we don’t know it. She is not truthful. Liar describes her.

The overwhelming majority are not impressed with either. The politically incorrect bigot v. the charade is a poor contest. They do not inspire.

The issue is North Korea. I warned of Kim in my Television Scripture, in 1971, before he was born. He plans a ballistic missile attack to incinerate our west coast, his goal 3rd week in October.

I’ve designed a counter measure that will eliminate ballistic missiles as a medium for bomb delivery. Too bad i cannot present my solution. Must 40 million people be incinerated before I have your ear?


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