My cygwin setting

Recently I have to use Cygwin intensively in my daily works, however there are several unpleasant things running terminal in Cygwin when integrated with other tools. Finally, I can’t bear those inconveniences and seek solutions to them. I will list the inconveniences and give solutions in the following paragraphs.

Remote desktop connection options

X client

It is not a safe option to directly connect to remote Linux desktop via X protocol. I always didn’t consider this option after I knew it is not a safe option. I reconsidered this option after using ssh tunnel extensively for VNC etc for a long period of time. The documentation of x server of Cygwin gives a good sample in the I will prefer to use this option to connect Linux remote desktop.


VNC is not well integrated with windows system. I discard this option after I learnt how to use Cygwin x server + ssh forward.


zsh and oh-my-zsh

Command line prompt can’t correct show icons when in a git repo directory. The fonts mentioned in other place don’t work for me. I use “DejaVu Sans Mono for Powerline” instead.

Fonts I installed are from