6 adorable business strategies (from the most unexpected place)

Sometimes words just hit you.

Last night I sat rocking my newborn son (Jimmy) to sleep, looking on at these six sketches that sit above his cot.

Whilst the animals are cute and the colours match the curtains, it hit me that these words of encouragement are everything for a new business:

Dream big — how ambitious is your strategy?

Stand tall — are you being noticed?

Be different — what are your USPs?

Find adventure — is it fun, for you and your employees? Is there really any point otherwise?

Be yourself — are you authentic? Do your actions match your values?

Be brave — he who dares, wins, right?

Every business will have created their own jungle animals (consciously or not). Perhaps they title them with things like ‘Sell more’ or ‘Grow margins’.

For me, as I embark on setting up my first company (Hack Yourself — book, training, talks, consultancy), I think I’ll focus on these friendly characters for inspiration.

Perhaps Jimmy will take a little guidance from them too.


More on Hack Yourself:

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