Expected Features of Apple’s iOS 10!

The beta version of Apple’s iOS 10 operating system has been released for programmers and app developers. After continued success with previous version iOS 9, Apple is expected to come for users with iOS 10 with more enhancements, and better functionality in this fall. Mobile application development companies Texas, Washington, New York and across the world is eagerly waiting for this.Compared to previous versions, the latest version has many advanced features, in terms of design, functionality and 3D touch expansion.

There are few changes in the iOS 10 visual compared to previous versions. An updated lock screen and widget support are included in 3D Touch expansion. iChat gains position in the place of desktop messages application and also support for iMessages which has its own app store for messaging-driven apps.

Apple made changes to unlock; slide to Unlock has been replaced with Press Home to Unlock. By just tapping the home button, one can unlock the device. Both left and right swipes position view is arranged with widget and camera launch.

With the use of 3D touch, the lock screen widgets are well arranged with sensible touch. Based on the requirements, you can see and arrange the widgets like weather forecasting, news headlines and many events. The widget’s appearance is more helpful, manageable in iOS 10 when compared with the previous versions.

With a faster replying option, Apple has arranged 3D touch by making changes in the lock screen notifications into rounded boxes.

The way of sending message in iOS 10 is well designed, where an “invisible ink” effect keeps the message hidden. Until the recipient swipe on it again, it is displayed as handwritten text.

Home helps in performing the proper navigations by allowing users to manage appliances with HomeKit application. Using the application, the user can easily switch on the lights, unlock the doors and execute many other events through one app.

There are changes implemented in iOS 10 Music applications by displaying lyrics of the songs and showing the previous searches. The download tab is newly added, where you can quickly download and easily play the songs.

Using RAW processor, photos used in the third party apps are clearly shaped with deep learning capabilities. Proper search makes an arrangement of related photos based on the location and the people.

Through SDK, Siri allows third party apps like Lyft, Uber and making traction apps to speak with and perform action.

iOS 10 provides an opportunity to delete unused preinstalled apps.

Based on the timeframe, the update may be available within 2016 for the latest devices.The major updating will take place first in iPhone, later in iPad.

To give a strong competition in the mobile market, Apple is planning to generate and bring new ideas with their previous versions. In fulfilling their targets, Apple is travelling an endless journey.

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