The nanocosmos and nanotechno series

Over 15 years ago I started making art inspired by my reporting and writing on the emergence of nanotechnology. I was coming across so many impressive scientific images of materials and matter at the scale of atoms and molecules — images that can’t be considered photography because they capture information at sizes much, much smaller than the wavelength of light — that I wanted to find an artistic outlet to express my sense of wonder and awe at human exploration of the infinitesimal. Today I am still astonished at the degree to which control of the fundamental units of the universe has become the mainstream of science and technology.

About five years ago I also began cross-breeding the nanotechno work (so named for the kind of remixing of source material and often highly saturated palettes I was drawn to) with cosmological inspiration. The nanocosmos series this brought the smallest and largest scales of the universe together, into my grand unified field of visual theory.

The animation above is just a bit of a quick sampler of some of the work, which I’ve now begun producing as prints on glass.