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Entrepreneur Jack Mason is the Group CEO of Inc & Co, Manchester’s rapidly expanding collective for digital enterprises. Jack channels his wealth of business development expertise and cutting-edge technical strategies into the collective, offering high-level corporate guidance and practical methodologies designed to promote organic growth. With a keen eye for building great teams, Jack works with numerous companies to build effective business departments, recruiting candidates that form energy-driven teams. He is a big believer in second chances and people-driven success.

Inc & Co’s primary mission is to acquire digital enterprises and support them on their journeys to reach their biggest ambitions. The collective renews its acquisitions’ operations and marketing frameworks, providing new strategies that capture the best business opportunities and accelerate return on investment. Jack welcomes companies into the group and provides them with access to Inc & Co’s multitude of shared resources, which comprise marketing, sales, HR, and financial frameworks. With these operational models to hand, Inc & Co’s acquisitions can focus on their day-to-day tasks and specialisms. …

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Taking well-earned time out will refresh both you and your business.

Many entrepreneurs feel that they can’t take time off when their to-do list is endless and their business is flying. Just the thought of jetting off on holiday when there’s work to do can send you on a major guilt trip, and you might feel as though this simply isn’t an option for you. …

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Let’s face it, working at any level and for any business in 2020 is a challenge. We’re dealing with a global pandemic that is affecting every aspect of our lives. At Inc & Co Group, we’re riding high. We deal with challenges as they come, but don’t let it stop us following our major growth plan.

But that’s not to say it’s not stressful. And long-term stress isn’t good for anyone. For business leaders and anyone else who finds it difficult or impossible to clock off, stress can be more than an inconvenience. It can lead to burnout.

Avoiding burnout is difficult for entrepreneurs and business…


Jack Mason

Jack Mason is a business investor and entrepreneur and Founder and Group CEO of Inc & Co. https://incandco.com/who-we-are/jack-mason/

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