Reality is we risk our lives every day that we drive a metal bullet (vehicle) down the highway at 60 MPH toward other vehicles traveling the same speed almost directly at us, passing us only by a few feet. Airplanes crash, loved ones and friends pass away. Drugs take lives and eat the souls of people around us. War, racism, anger, cancer, illness, mass shootings, gangs, suicide… the list goes on and on.

Without HOPE reality would be too much for us. A positive attitude and outlook on life through these things in and through this life is necessary, not only to our success but for our mental health and well-being.

I have lost many friends and family members this past year and have been completely emotionally overwhelmed by sadness all around me. But I WILL NOT allow this sadness to remove my hope for my life, the lives of others, and for mankind; Those who feel so hopeless that they give in to the sadness and succumb to the evil of this world.

We can intervene by loving them and forgiving them with grace no matter what they have done. We can change the world! YOU can change the world…


Jack Maxwell III