In this episode, after technical difficulties where we lost an episode (RIP), we welcome new co-host Zach Noel to talk about Steve Miller Band, ELO, Heart, Tom Petty, and debate how shitty the mid ‘70's Stones were or weren’t.

In this episode, we talk about our big, wet president’s lungs getting bigger and wetter, our favorite eras of Bob Dylan, why ABBA and the Ramones might have the same biggest influence, and how strange the night moves with autumn closing in

In this Episode we talk about AOR radio where every band was named after where they were from, and singer-songwriters who couldn’t all be named “Los Angeles” so they infused the city through the entire album

We’re back at it, this time going through the pop charts of 1976, which leads us to go down a disco rabbit hole, which leads us to remember the #1 hit that everyone tried to forget, and figure out how Disney didn’t sue a donald duck rip off into submission

In this first episode of the Podcast, Jack and Sam pick the year 1976 live on air, and try to generate as many hot takes as we can off the top of our heads, fighting off awkward Public Access TV vibes. I remember us talking about Stevie Wonder, Modern Lovers, Thin Lizzy, and Peter Frampton, among others.

Hello there. It feels weird to be starting an internet project in 2020. This isn’t like it was in 1995, where you could host your own website full of stories that are about literally nothing but being the biggest asshole possible, and you look up 2 years later and have…

The Thinkpiecer™

only good jokes

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