Ummm…wherever that picture is from would be called ‘a target rich environment’ in my book — here’s…
fred gaither

So your answer is kill them all. How Christian. And I mean that. Extermination of an entire group of people is insanity and the type of chaos that this administration is quick to promote. The core of this situation is the holy war started by George W Bush. He started invoking God in the beginning and we have never been off the hook since. Those of us who are not religious have to help pay for all of this hocus pocus BS none the less and that is what really pisses us off. Your ideology has cost so much money and so many lives it is beyond reproach. You better hope there is no God because you are part and parcel to this evil. While some of us can’t see this as nothing more than a way to profit from death, like you, there are still many more that hope for peace and see it as a possibility.

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