Rep. Steve King: ‘We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.’
Ned Resnikoff

We’re filling the halls of our Congress and Senate with these scum and the people that put them there deny voting for them because they’re cowards and can’t even admit their own blatant racism. This wound is opening across our Nation and will infect the very fabric of the Constitution. This World wasn’t made for one race. Jesus was black just like everyone that lived in the area and time he existed and you are ignorant if you think different. And if God is indeed a creator then She must be a Woman, because no man has ever created life. The Bible was written by men for men to control the masses. We are experienceing the same thing now. A bunch of selfish greedy men trying to bully their way into the fabric of our political system for their own personal gain. And the people that believe this planet and this Country was made for one skin color might want to look back to the people that we displaced. It was red long before it was white and we commited the worst attrosities to make it white. Even against white people. So do some soul searching before you decide you’re the best thing since sliced white bread. Following a guy like Steve King will give you nightmares. He’s living a horror story not writing one. That dude with the big head will haunt him in his sleep. He looks like Mr Mackey from South Park.

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