How much would it cost to build a food delivery app like UberEats but only a hybrid?

On-demand food delivery apps are becoming increasingly popular, thanks to the convenience, speed , efficiency and choices they offer customers in ordering food to their doorsteps. An on-demand food delivery app unites the admin, restaurants, customers and delivery team is a beneficial system. Some important features of an on-demand food delivery app are:

· order placements

· delivery scheduling

· delivery tracking

· payment for deliveries

· rating and feedback.

The cost of an on-demand food delivery app may vary anywhere between 6k to 30k USD depending on various factors like

· design and development charges

· app platform

· number of features

· complexity of the app

· Functionality

· targeted users

· country

A good on-demand food delivery app must have an easy-to-use interface with unencrypted movement between pages and an easy checkout option. It must be built on a strong core using languages like Python or Javascript and should have a single reliable database server. A fair estimation of the app cost can be derived according to the integration of the mentioned features. The cost to make the app feature-rich and well-rounded can easily be reclaimed once the apps go live.

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