I want to start a food delivery business like Caviar, Bytes, Postmates, etc. How do I build a better mousetrap? How do I get paid and pay my delivery drivers?

The on-demand food delivery market is on an all-time high and this is the best time for you to join in with your own on-demand food delivery app like Postmates or UberEats. The main pillars of an on-demand food delivery service are:

· Admin
· Customers
· Restaurants
· Delivery team

An on-demand food delivery app for your business can be built using services that use clone scripts of UberEats to give you your own app. The clone app can be white-labeled with your business so that so can promote it as your own venture. The app can be availed in any language, currency and colour of your choice and will be launched on native iOS and Android Play stores. You can be in complete control of your business through a powerful admin dashboard and payment can be taken through online payment gateways like Paypal, credit cards or cash on delivery. In case of online payment methods, the commission is automatically transferred to you and the remaining amount contributes to the payment of the delivery team. In case of cash on delivery, the commission is transferred to the admin.

Originally published at www.quora.com.