ICO Marketing for fundraising campaign

Jack Mile
Jack Mile
Feb 28, 2018 · 2 min read

An ICO is an effective fundraising campaign. By promoting the cryptocurrency value and powerful cryptocurrency marketing solutions crowdfunding can be done with ease. Attracting investors and retaining confidence and trust promises the growth of any business. Some of the parameters that are to be followed to make a marketing campaign are as follows :

Ø Build a brand — making sure that a brand is created so that it gives investors an idea of the what the business is about.

Ø Promoting ICO pro’s — by promoting the positive attributes of an ICO it helps in boosting the investor’s confidence.

Ø Building sense of trust — sharing the pitch strategy to investors paves way for aggressive investments.

Ø Showing business goals — again a clear business plan gives a mental picture of the goals of the company which in turn attract investors and gain their confidence.

Process involved in Cryptocurrency Marketing

Marketing cryptocurrency involves a scrutinized process with involving SEO, ICO PR and much more. Some of them are as follows:

Ø Hypergrowth package

Ø Content marketing

Ø Data analytics

Ø Business Analysis

Ø Target Ads

Ø Ads optimization

Ø Search Engine Optimization

Some of the rules followed by ICO marketing firms which are to be considered while implementing marketing strategies are as follows :

Ø Learn about the market — understanding the market helps develop a powerful marketing method.

Ø Research about regulations — learning all the regulations that are to be implemented while creating an ICO

Ø Knowing audience — a better knowledge of audience gives an upper hand.

Ø Market company story and goals — sharing the business story and the goals for the future build trust and confidence among investors.

Ø Community building — finally a continuous follow up with the investors using social media platforms helps in amplified fundraising.

Simply keep in mind about all the valuable parameters are to be implied for an effective ICO marketing campaign. There are always ICO marketing experts in the market such the BlockChainAppFactory who have helped growing businesses to the next level by powerful crypytocurrecy campaigns. Hope you had a great read.


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