What are some of the Must-Haves in your Uber Clone Script?

Uber Clone scripts are made by almost every Harry who owns a laptop. But there are some good ones who provide top-of-the line clone app script for upcoming entrepreneurs. So now you have found out the almost good company to create your Uber clone script you have been faced with the golden question. What are some important features that will make my Uber Clone Script into a full-fledged app?

Is the Must-haves be a must have?

Well, to answer the posed question above. Yes, the must-haves must be integrated in your app to make it a functioning one. There is a list of features that should be in an Uber Clone Script irrespective of what it could turn into.

Real time Geolocation

Uber is one business where customers demand your services on the exact time when they actually need it. So when the customers demand your services you should be able to track your customer and vice versa. The mapping and the tracking facilities should help the customers to track their ride and drivers need to find their customers. This feature must be integrated without any failure.

Flexible payment methods

This is another one important feature to be integrated in your clone script. Customers may have various ways of doing their final payment. Your clone script should be able to support all forms of payment method like Cash, electronic and cashless alike with ease. PayPal has changed the payment integration and more and more customers are comfortable with PayPal, but nonetheless you can integrate many payment options in your app.

Exhaustive choices to choose from

Imagine your app containing a wide-range of choices like car listing, availability of cars, and much more. Make your app easy to navigate ease in and ease out within simple steps. Uber has only three steps to book a taxi. Keep your app simple and exciting. Allow the customers the liberty of cancelling the service without any questions asked. It might make your app unique in its own way.


The conclusion lies right in front of us. These above mentioned features along with some other features such as push notifications, location settings, review system and a lot more are also equally important to create a fully functional Uber app. To build an app with these amazing features, you are free to visit AppDupe who are one of the top notch Uber clone app development company. They provide Uber Clone Scripts under much reasonable prices that are both white-labelled and turnkey solution for your extensive customization of the app. So this is high time you get an Uber clone app for your venture.


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