A day somewhere along the line.

I’m trying to convince myself that I’ll be able to ignore this until its over. I know I wont be able to, but telling myself its possible is as close as I can get.

I’m fucked off that this has happened now, why fucking now. I know there are no good times for these things to happen, but this is certainly one of the worst. Things just started to click into place, the time was right for me to be following my dreams. Although I’m starting to think that maybe those dreams were never reachable to begin with, perhaps breaking the delusion now is a good thing.

I’m not scared of where this will take me, or where I will or wont end up when its over. I’m scared that I wont even make it that far, I wont get a chance to find out what might happen. The journey will be what kills me.

This has made me think of that stupid Cliche, about ‘The journey’ being whats important. But everything is the fucking journey, there is no end to it. Death is the end, weather that be now, tomorrow, or in 60 years. Of course the journey is whats important, Its all there is.