Must Read Transgender and Crossdreamer Reflections by Felix Conrad

If you have not done so already, you should go over at the Transcend Movement site and read some of the transgender and queer philosophy of Felix Conrad.

During the last couple of months Felix has written several very interesting blog posts on crossdreaming, crossdressing, trans and queer over at his Transcend Movement site.

We are on the same page, Felix and I, but he has his own, unique take on crossdreaming, and there are definitely places where we look at things differently. This is exactly as it should be. I should add that Felix has his own way of presenting his arguments — provocative, with lots of irony, and a refreshing disrespect for political correctness. Don’t let that stop you! There is gold here!

Here are some of the blog posts you may want to take a look at:

Why Caitlyn Jenner is a bad role model for (some) crossdreamers Felix argues that whatever a rich American celebrity does transgender wise is of little relevance to most MTF crossdreamers.

The cause of autogynephilia: erotic target location errors Felix is kinder to Ray Blanchard than I am, but read this intelligent critique of the “erotic target location error” part of the autogynephilia theory. (And if none of these words and names mean anything to you, read the blogpost anyway! He is revealing the logical errors of traditionalist science here.)

Why disproving and discrediting the transgender narrative is a Pyrrhic victory Felix lures the sceptical reader in by agreeing that — of course — someone born a man cannot be a woman. But he also demonstrates that by saying so, you have really revealed that the gender variance is real. Read also “Is a transsexual woman… a real woman?” where he debunks a lot of transphobic myths and argues that we have to include, tolerate, help and protect trans people.

“What is a transvestite, and why are women’s clothes so prevalent in cross gender psychology?” “There isn’t really such a thing as a transvestite,” Conrad says, “there is only transvestite behaviour.” He argues that saying someone is a transvestite is like saying a heterosexual having sex in the missionary position is a missionaryist.

“The psychology of forced feminisation and humiliation” Felix elegantly dismisses my favorite explanation for forced feminization fantasies (that by being forced you are relieved of guilt), and explores the possibility that the domination/submission dynamics are based on fundamental, inherited, biological drives.

And, yes, he has interviewed me. I have also been talking to him and will publish that discussion later on.

Take also a look at Conrad’s ebook on crossdreaming. I will come back to that one.

Originally published at on August 18, 2015.

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