Playing the Game

Golf is a sport that almost anyone can play, but few can play well. Golf requires a certain amount of skill to manage to hone your game by improving your swing, learning how to escape the hazards, bunkers and roughs. To understand your handicap and know how to calculate your handicap, and learning the art of both the short game and putting. Playing golf used to be thought of as a sport that only older guys and doctors played. Old guys because 18 holes takes awhile and doctors because it isn’t the cheapest sport. Those who are bitten by the golf bug will tell you it is a great source of low impact exercise, allows your mind to relax, and allows you to enjoy being outdoors. Golfing is not as expensive as it once was with cities now having municipal golf courses where playing 18 rounds is affordable. The larger problem is with so many people now taking up golf getting a tee time may be difficult.

If you are going to play the game consistently it is necessary for you to be able to figure out your handicap. To do thid it is helpful first to understand what a handicap is. Golf handicaps are used to determine your potential ability on a particular course. By knowing your handicap you can compare your score accurately against a player of a different skill level. Based on how both of you are expected to perform on a given course. To calculate your handicap you need to have at least 5 rounds but no more than 20 rounds. You will also need the course rating and the coursed slope which can be found on the scorecard. Once you have this information take your score and subtract the course rating from your score. Take the resulting number and multiply by 113. The amount you will get will be a large number. You will now divide the slope of the course into this large number. The slope is a numerical value assigned to determine the difficulty of a given course. This process is repeated for each of your scores. The next step is to take the lowest score of the group and multiply by .96 to get your handicap. Most people now just use an online handicap converter, and some have an application on their phones to calculate handicaps. When playing this insures that if one player is playing with a player who is a higher caliber player on the same course, the higher caliber player will be”handicapped” to ensure that play is fair.

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