Jack Mortellaro on Human Motivation

Jack Mortellaro believes in lifelong learning and has attended a number of seminars and courses, including Date with Destiny by Anthony Robbins.

While it may seem like a very extreme example, Donald Trump and Mother Theresa had the same forces drive them and help them shape their destinies.

Jack Mortellaro

Donald Trump grew up observing his father, who was a real estate developer. He learned from an early age that pleasure is linked to expensive homes, big yachts, golf courses, the most extravagant pieces of art, and astute deals both with private parties and the government. He has revealed in many interviews during his career that his biggest pains are being second-best and the fear of losing to someone else. His greatest motivation in life comes from the desire to avoid this very pain.

Mother Theresa seemed to care so deeply about others that she was in physical pain when she saw others experience physical pain. She had wounds from experiencing the injustices of the caste system in India. She had found out that when she made decisions and took action, the pain of others and her own pain disappeared. For her, the pleasure and the meaning of life were located in some of the worst and poorest neighborhoods of Calcutta, where she could help others. Helping people around her get out of their misery helped her not feel her own pain and gave her a sense that her life had real meaning.

This example shows that both Mother Theresa and Donald Trump shaped their lives based upon what pleasure and pain meant to them. While their backgrounds and surroundings did play a role in their lives, their conscious decisions shaped what they’ve become much more than anything else, just like Jack Mortellaro’s decisions shaped who he is today.