Cloud Versus Premise | A Decision Framework for Contact Center Technology

Contact centers have more choice than ever before. The choices can seem simple, but have far-reaching consequences. A decision framework can help you make the right decision for your organization.

While a decision maker who has officially spent a large sum of money implementing an expensive on-premise system may be reluctant to move their contact center to a cloud option, the progressing expenses of utilizing an on-introduce framework are still imperceptibly more than those of cloud. What’s more; there will come a day when the on-premise equipment should be supplanted. With over 62% of contact centers focuses using cloud solutions, and over 45% of the rest of the organizations wanting to do as such soon, cloud is rapidly turning into the standard for contact center space, and will probably turn into a backbone in the IT business.

Complex Drivers Behind Simple Decisions

Whenever there is choice, decisions must be made. Gas or electric? Canoe or kayak? Alpine, cross country or telemark? Whether you are buying a car, navigating water, selecting skis or picking contact center technology, trade-offs are always made. Usually there are underlying considerations that can help narrow the choices. How wil you pay? How will it be used? What unique situations must it handle? By reviewing these key considerations, you are more likely to make the right choice for your situation.

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While considering whether a cloud, on-premises or hybrid communications solution is appropriate for you, there are numerous alternatives to consider, some of which will be completely one of a kind to your business. In the event that you might want more information what will be the correct answer for your organization talk to one of the Altvion experts!, However, meanwhile, you can get a smart thought of the sorts of things you should consider by working through this Cloud versus On-Premises Decision Tree whitepaper!

In contact centers, choosing between cloud and premise can be confounding because:

• It seems black and white, but there are many shades of gray

• Physical, operational and fiscal implications are significant and not always obvious

• Inconsistent information from the marketplace spreads fear, uncertainty and doubt

Fortunately, the same fundamental decision framework for contact center technology can be used to both identify system requirements and review proposals. The framework begins with nine fundamental decisions that will lead to the best solution for you. We use this framework with every client.

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