The Big Shift to Cloud-Based Security

Cloud computing security is a fast-growing service that provides many of the same functionalities as traditional IT security”

Today Cloud Computing, Mobile Endpoints, and IoT, Data Center Infrastructure and Security models have shifted from well-defined perimeters that were protected by firewall appliances, static policies, and monolithic stacks to dynamic, software-defined infrastructure powered by virtualization and containerization The perimeter is now elastic and can’t be defined or secured by static policies.

Cloud Security has shifted to a distributed model that is driven by dynamic policies. Another challenge for CIOs and Infrastructure leaders is the development and maintenance of “home grown” solutions, that typically solve a tactical challenge, but fall short strategically, and then inevitably lose support over time and become “orphaned”. This approach usually creates more security challenges than solutions

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According to this report enterprises will look for internet performance tools to help manage their transition to the cloud and here are the Four main reasons to why it is so:

  • Risk Mitigation
  • Infrastructure Elasticity Management
  • Security Enhancement
  • Repathing Optimization

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