Fantasy Stock: Week 7 — A game of attrition

6 weeks is a long time. I find that this is the time in the season where fantasy starts to become a game of attrition. The waver wire starts to move a little slower, and trades become less frequent as people start to drink their own roster’s cool-aid. The successful players are the ones who can continue to make prudent moves based on what’s happened recently, who do not cling to names on jerseys and look instead to the facts. Allow me to help you clear out some of your roster’s cobwebs.

Give: Matt Forte

Bilal Powell. Remember the name, because he’s going to be the higher scoring fantasy running back on the New York Jets for the rest of this season. Through the first two weeks of the season, Forte’s white-hot pace had him on pace for 400+ carries, and such a workload came with some impressive game logs. These flashy numbers made him a topic of conversation, but recently he’s started to fall off.

Forte’s touches this season. Charts?! Yeah, this shit is getting legit

Let’s hope that the steady nature of Forte’s decline means that your league-mates still think he’s hot stuff. If there’s someone who’s still a little fed up with their stake in Lamar Miller, or lives on the east coast and never gets to see how exciting Melvin Gordon is.

Give: Eddie Lacy

Call it a hunch, but there’s something off here. Eddie Lacy is overweight, hurt, and has a new backup in Knile Davis. On top of that, the Green Bay Packers’ offense has seemed pedestrian to this point in the season. There’s potential for this to become a long, drawn-out affair. Owning Lacy is going to be an exercise in frustration, one that you should attempt to purchase your way out of.

Get: Spencer Ware

In the same vein as Eddie Lacy, Jamaal Charles is being brought along very slowly. In the meantime, Spencer Ware has been given the opportunity to shine in Kansas City, and has taken quite well to it, evidenced by the fact that the Chiefs felt like they did not need to keep Knile Davis around. Some suggest that game flow has prevented the Chiefs from needing to put in Charles, but is it so crazy to consider that Ware could hold on to this role in the long term? The glints of Jamaal Charles-ness are surely making Ware owners nervous, and I believe that he’s worth having, more so than Charles. I would trade Charles for Ware, though I suspect that you may be able to get him for a lower price.

Thanks for reading! I’m Jack Moore, and I love fantasy football, writing, and writing about fantasy football!

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