Charity App Makes Donating Easy

Jack Nourafshan
May 29, 2019 · 2 min read

Most of us want to give money to causes we believe in. But we live in a culture that is constantly distracted, doesn’t like wasting time or resources, and thrives on convenience. That means that, in order to fulfill our good intentions, we want donating to be quick and easy.

Some 60% to 90% of people who start filling out a donation card never finish it. So, while many people have a desire to give, most are either too busy or too distracted. Or, maybe they’re simply annoyed with the lack of ease that comes from traditional donating.

If we can send money to our friends with the click of a button, we should be able to send it that easily to causes that we care about. That’s why the new app, , was created- to make charitable giving as simple as sending money to a friend or paying a bill online.

Givz is a free app that allows you to donate to over 1.6 million registered charities. You can search for a charity by name or employer identification number (EIN). You can pay the same way that you do with most online payments- with a credit card or bank account. And like all donating, your contribution is 100% tax deductible.

The convenience of Givz not only makes donating painless, but it allows you to make small donations that otherwise may not seem worth the effort. Donations can start as low as $0.50. So, you can feel free to donate even if you can only afford to give a few dollars at the moment. Lots of little donations add up over time.

The best part? Givz doesn’t keep even a small fraction of your donations. The app relies on tips from donors, so you can rest assured that all of your hard-earned cash is getting where you want it to go. Only the payment processors collect a fee, which is between .8% and 2.2% depending on your payment method. (If you want to send more to your charity and less to the processor, be sure to enter your banking account information.)

Although Givz caters perfectly to millennials, the app has attracted users of all ages and backgrounds (the oldest user so far is reportedly 89 years old). And although smaller donations are accepted and encouraged, Givz says that their average transaction is for $40.

It all goes to show that the spirit of giving is alive and well. And chances are, with donating becoming easier than ever before with apps like Givz, charities will soon be able to thrive like never before.

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Jack is a Los Angeles based real estate professional and the Founder/President of Reliable Properties. To learn more visit

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