The theory of Doublethought

My theory of Doublethought, an underlying factor in depression, anxiety, and OCD.

Doublethought –

When a thought comes and one gives thought to it, giving it the power of your conscious mind; questioning it, pondering its meanings and origins.

Doublethought is powerful, as powerful as one’s mind, which is ever powerful. If one gives thought to their thoughts, specific thoughts, they can be brought to knew levels of knowledge and understanding, or dragged down to despair, and ultimately torture.

You see, if one gives thought to those especially negative, dark, and even heinous thoughts, they give them the power the thoughts need to control them. This happens often, for fear of the darkness and negativity — not just its presence, but more so its meanings and origin — causes the questioning and pondering that is the very root of doublethought.

When one questions and ponders a scary thought, giving it power, one creates a niche, a little spot in their brain, for that thought. When the thought comes back, triggered by whatever it may be, it finds that familiar spot, and draws power from your fear and weakness.

When doublethought is given to such negativity the appearance of that thought can become reoccuring, and there in lies the torture.

It is only when one uses the power of their mind to recognize the good from the bad, letting go of the negative thoughts that so easily may drag them down, and instead giving doublethought to the positive thoughts that can bring them to enlightenment, understanding, and happiness.

When those anxious, depressive, scary thoughts come, one must resist the unconscious urge to give them power through doublethought, while letting them float away, out of their mind, and out of their life.