Down and Out

This past March, I started my training for a bike ride that was not to be. I’d done several long bike rides before (545 miles from San Francisco to LA), and was stoked about doing another long ride. This one, from Seattle to Portland. It’s how I get my kicks nowadays.

However, my training was short lived. It was sunny Sunday afternoon. We were playing a friendly game of volleyball. And then…CRASH!

I hurt my leg. Really. Really. Bad. I couldn’t stand up without pain and was helped off the volleyball court by friends. I knew right away I wouldn’t be able to walk for a while. Since the injury, I’ve been in bed, or on crutches. My community land mates (I live with 4 other adults & 3 kids) have been an incredible source of support. They cook me delicious things and keep my spirits up.

my peeps!

There were many days wherein I didn’t know what was wrong with my knee. Throughout this whole time, there have been lots of lows & bouts of anxiety. What’s wrong? Why is my knee still swollen? Will I need surgery? Is it my ACL? Will I be able to walk or ride a bike again? Am I too much of a burden on my household? So. Many. Questions. All of sudden, I had loads of compassion for the injured Stephen Curry.

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And like Stephen Curry, I eventually got an MRI. And a diagnosis. I have what is called a “Tibial Plateau Fracture — Type 1.” Non-displaced (which means the fractured piece didn’t move much). No surgery needed. No ligament damage. Crutches and non weight bearing for at least 8 weeks. I didn’t know it at the time, but it’s supposedly a pretty serious (and rare) fracture. Nonetheless, I didn’t require surgery and I’d eventually be able to walk again. Sigh. Relief.

Nowadays, I’m still in bed and not able to be very active. And the depressions wanes and waxes. In an effort to be productive, I’ve written this article. How have I actually managed (or not) so far?

Stay Positive

In my opinion, maintaining a positive attitude will make the biggest difference during the healing process. It’s also currently the biggest challenge for me. If you’ve got any tips in this realm, I’d definitely appreciate them. Otherwise, I am just listening to this track over and over.

Online Support Groups

Other things that have helped me stay sane? Building out my support network. After I got my diagnosis, I joined an awesome Facebook group of 1500+ people with the same type of injury that I had. Having real solid advice from real people has been fantastic. Believe it or not, doctors don’t have all the answers.

This group has provided emotional support, cheerleading, sympathy, practical advice, and, well, everything an online support group can offer. It’s got the very best parts of Facebook and reminded me why I love the internet. To those of you who are in that group reading this, I thank you.

Supplements & Diet

During this healing process, I’ve decided to overhaul my diet. Here are some of the things I’m taking or doing.

  • Cut out dairy from daily diet (I still eat butter & a little pizza)
  • Drastically reduce sugar intake
  • Drink Vegetarian Protein Shakes (Spirutein is my current fave)
  • Consume Bone Broth (for cartilage and bone building)
  • Take Glucosamine with MSM
  • Rub Comfrey on my skin at least twice a day
  • Spray Lavender Mist because it smells good
some of my supplements

There’s probably several other diet and supplement tips I missed. If so, please do post a comment at the end of the article.

Accept Support

There are days in which I feel like a total loser and I literally cannot get out of bed (because my good leg hurts from all the weight I’m putting on it). I also feel like a big drain on my housemates. They cook for me AND they do my dishes (thank you!!!).

I’m continuing to learn to let that shit go, and simply accept the help and assistance that comes my way.

Acupuncture + TCM

I’m a big believer in acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s my go to for anything acute, chronic, and just general wellness. I’ve been lucky enough to find a great local person in Southern Oregon, who’s introduced me to Moxibustion.

She also introduced me to JKD (Dit Da Jow). While I haven’t tried this formula yet (I’m waiting for my shipment to come in), I’m very excited to see how it helps. I’m certain it’ll make a big difference in my healing process and will post about it once I’ve got it.

this is what ninjas use to heal broken bones

Welp. That’s all I’ve got for now. I’d love to hear about your healing story. Please share your tips, share your struggles, share your inspiration, or share this post. We could all certainly use the positive vibes!

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