A Christmas List for San Francisco

Good people make good things.

I wish black Friday had a less ominous ring to it, but get stoked out of my mind when I meet local friends with local companies .While living in San Francisco, I’ve been fortunate to have met some very good people. The following is a list of the good things they are making.

Here is where I hope the world will shop this year:

Rightside Shirts

What does cutting art programs at underserved elementary schools teach our kids? Rightside has said “No more! Creativity matters, and will be rewarded.” Amazing designs from these kids on some of the juiciest fitting t-shirts I’ve ever worn. I’ve debated buying every single style, and spending the rest of my life painting with children.

Location: North of Panhandle, San Francisco
Shop: http://rightsideshirts.org/
Creativity Matters — Quack!


Their slogan — EAT BEER- nails it. Regrained takes the “by-product” grain from local breweries and makes nutritious and delicious treats. Taking something “used” that still has so much value and making something even newer, tastier, and better for you is creativity at its finest.

Location: Richmond District, San Francisco
Shop: http://www.regrained.com/
Honey IPA Granola Bar


The girls who started this company are as epic as the product they’ve made. Multi purpose yoga pants screen-printed with local artists designs. You can frickin surf in them or just look fly as hell.

Location: Outer Sunset, San Francisco
Shop: http://okiino.com/
The modern mermaid greets the sun


Rubber is back. Take the wheels off that moped you crashed on your post-college soul searching trip to Bali and make some epic shoes with it. Re-use was always my favorite of the “3 r’s” of sustainability. Indosole does it all.

Location: Outer Sunset, San Francisco
Shop: http://indosole.com/
Giving waste a new life

Juniper Ridge

Handmade-heartfelt scaled. Each ingredient is harvested on hikes all over California by the founder himself, and the tops made of old wood scraps. One use of the Sierra Granite soap, and I’ve been hooked since. It’s like nature coursing through your shower, maybe the best thing I’ve ever smelt.

Location: Oakland, California
Shop: http://juniperridge.com/

Bedfellows Roasting

I love this company’s mission. Committed to the morning ritual; quality coffee on your own time, in your own home. Shut down, turn off, tune in. Not to mention this stuff tastes like paradise, and they source their beans as fair trade as can be. The owner is a local surfer who can nose-ride like a son of a gun.

Shop: http://bedfellowsroasting.com/
Location: Outer Sunset, San Francisco
Bring back the morning ritual

Japhy Surf Co

Bringing form back to function. Damn sweet boardies. That Endless Summer vibe, but with more color. Apparently, there’s more cool products to come too. I’m ready for summer dammit.

Location: North Beach, San Francisco
Shop: https://japhysurfco.com/

Stoked Goods

This is the company the homies and I started. We make a lip balm for your whole face. Think beauty product x lip balm x sunscreen made with the best ingredients nature has to offer; everything your skin could dream of. The tube is 3x the traditional size, completely compostable, and fun as hell to play with. I’m very proud of what we made.

Location: The Presidio of San Francisco
Shop: http://www.stokedgoods.com/