Whose to blame?

Whose to blame that our marginalized are competing for most forgotten? Whose to blame that the Muslims, Mexicans, Blacks and Gay Americans feel unsafe? Whose to blame for the poor country people that feel abandoned and attacked because it’s not their fault the factory in their town closed?

Is it the politicians? The rich white people? The corrupt media? Those who have influence and use it for their own comfort rather than for others?

Or are even they affected by the plague? Are even they just as afraid that all their worst nightmares will happen? Just as convinced they need to protect themselves?

There’s something inside of us that disconnects us. It makes us afraid, untrusting, protective and forceful. Lonely, forgotten and lost.

But it’s ok! Fear not. You don’t need to protect a thing. You’ve never been lost, and you can always come home. You’re already all the love that you’re afraid to lose.

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