12/ Young Thug- Best Friend
Hip Hop is Culture; A Playlist for Em
Jack Ostler

Young Thug is one of the most interesting, and tragic characters in all of Hip Hop.


“’He just jumped off the porch,’ this person told me, using an expression for someone who only recently came out of the hood. Having a rapper tell you about how street they are, that’s expected at this point. So much of rap is just unrelenting sameness. The entourage, the SUVs, the prescription cough syrup, the weed, the late-night studio sessions. So many of the stories told in rap songs are the same, too. Bitches, drugs, experiencing death and destruction. And unfortunately, since that part of the story has been told for 30 years, it often doesn’t have much power anymore. Tragedy × volume = no impact. In a sense, Thug is telling the same stories we’ve become desensitized to. But it’s not his stories that make Thug an electric presence. It’s Thug himself. He is the product. Thug is able to channel a kind of genuine nihilism that most people rapping about their rough neighborhoods just can’t do.”

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