4 Eye-catching Inflatable Ideas for this Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s’ Day knocking on the door, your need to advertise your cake or flower business has increased manifold. However, you are tired of the same old methods that you have been practicing for long and want to create a bang, with your marketing skills. What can be better than colorful outdoor inflatables?

Inflatable Arches — Installing an inflatable arch in front of your store just before the 14th of Feb arrives can draw the precious attention of lovebirds and they will flock to your store, with a lot of interest. A glittering presence in front of the eyes is indeed attractive and specially, if it caters to the romantic hearts of people. With the name of your store written in large letters, you can easily attract a crowd from a distance.

Inflatable Igloos — You have baked a series of new cake designs for the special day that you want to present in a unique manner. Why not hire a custom inflatables design company for the purpose and get an igloo built. This will not only keep your would-be customers wondering what is inside, but also take their curiosity to the peak. Once they enter, they can feast their eyes and souls to the unique cake designs and concepts you present.

Inflatable Tents — Is there a new offer on the table? Do you want to let people around the city know about your latest discount rate or what comes free with what? Set up inflatable tents as kiosks, to protect yourself from the ravages of the erratic nature and advertise your business. You can distribute coupons and vouchers sitting in the comfort of the tent while people come to you, seduced by the offers mentioned on your tent in bold letters.

Inflatable Shell Tents

Inflatable Totems — One of the most cost-effective outdoor inflatables is the use of inflatable totems for the marketing purpose. You may simply ask the designer to add the name of your store or company, the address, the major products on offer and discount, if any. These totems can be distributed to lovebirds in parks, outside restaurants and other places where they meet. Always remember that you need to reach a potential client where you can find him or her. It should also be able to appeal to the would-be clients.

Inflatable Product — Imagine you are walking down the road and notice an inflatable TV in front of an electronics store. In the same way, by using an inflatable cake or bouquet, you can make sure that the people you are targeting, know what you are offering. You may also ask the designer to state the discounts on the inflatable, if any. See to it that the products are colorful and big, so that they can catch the sight of any passerby.

Now, that you know of the different types of custom inflatables available in the market, it is time to go ahead with the idea. Hurry, before your competitors grab the idea and get the footfall, while you keep thinking.

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