Feature Revisitation

I like the idea of interviewing Jake Ziegler. He has a lot to him and he would be an exciting profile. He is obviously a big performer and can catch the attention of the locals he has performed for. His career may be taking off soon, so being able to get perspective on him now may be attractive to many. Of the three sources to contact for him:

1: Charlie Eilvens: His bassist (my old prayer leader) has preformed with him many times and knows him well.

2: A sound editor he has worked with?

3: Somebody involved in the music scene on campus. Maybe a Vegan Llama? I dunno…

I could try to meet him in person, but if he is away, a phone conversation could do. It would need to trace from the beginnings of his music career to the budding point it is at. I need to contact Charlie to see if he would even be available for this. There also needs to be something definite to say about him. Whether it is about his music, career, or personal life, I feel like this needs a strong direction to head in.

I’d need to educate myself on his music more. I know a little about it, but not enough to hold a strong, honest conversation about it. I would also need to find videos of him performing. I know he has some antics (demolishing a junky guitar at coffeehouse) but if I could bring that up and apply it to his life that would be useful. A good backup would maybe be calling up my old RA, Caleb Taylor. The guy has an amazing story of coming to Christ from a terrible family situation. He is out in Texas, but a phone call may work. I could also contact my other RA who lived with him, Keith Anderson, and get in contact with his church to talk about him. He has an incredible story.

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